Vogue Club is about the joy of great style-and about you. This is a space where you can share what you're wearing today-or tell us about your new beauty obsession. So whether you do neutral minimalism, poetic day dresses, or thrifted 90s glam-or if you simply want to goldensneakersale.com show us how you've cracked the secret to the perfect winged eyeliner-we want to see and celebrate! your style alongside that of our editors. Of course, I now see my obsessive work ethic for what it was: another form of controlling behavior. But the harder I worked, the better my results and I grew ambitious-I started to see a future for myself. As I reached my late teens, things started to change: I moved to a different school for sixth form, a space where I began to see more hope in my life, where I made new friends who treated me with respect and kindness.

There are two types of customers to whom Kallmeyer feels particularly dedicated: queer people who find their personal style through her clothes and those who bought a garment from her 5, 8, 10 years ago and are now coming back to invest in something new. With her price point-a midi-length black skirt fetches s395, while a strappy black dress is s795-Kallmeyer understands that her clothes are an investment for many people. Who is on my mind when I think, What am I doing right is the girl who comes in because she doesn't know how to dress herself, Kallmeyer says. She's powerful, strong, successful, has an amazing partner, has a beautiful life but doesn't know how to dress herself. She wants to feel that perfect balance of sexy, feminine, strong, and also in her butch power. She comes in and says, 'I spend s75 on jeans.' Then she buys five outfits and writes to me a week later, 'I've never felt more myself.' That said, I have C-suite, executive-boss-women clients, and they have no problem coming in and dropping coin, she says. But there's also the women who say, 'I don't spend this money on clothes, but I want to feel the way your clothes make me feel.


The quintessential Pierpaolo Piccioli for Valentino cape, bralette and trousers encapsulate this sentiment and DeBose's character perfectly. Yet, he isn't stuffy with his clothes, nor does he try to be a peacock. Moody overcast misty morning is how makeup artist Sandy Ganzer described the inspiration for Schafer's dramatic eye look. I've been having a bit of a Golden Goose Outlet menswear moment with my wardrobe lately, relying on wide-leg trousers and big oxford shirts. It is this big experiment that is coming to life, says Evangelo Bousis, co-founder of Dundas, which recently digitised the look it made for Mary J Blige's Super Bowl performance and is participating in the first-ever Metaverse Fashion Week MVFW.