Wilson has been traded to Denver in the afternoon of Tuesday, just hours Madden 23 coins from the news that Aaron Rodgers was re-signing with the Packers. This cut off an possibility for the Broncos who appeared to be all-in with the possibility of pursuing an opportunity to be the Madden NFL 23 MVP. 


They've now landed a swank of a quarterback. They gave the team two first-round picks and two second round picks and quarterback Drew Lock, TE Noah Fant and defensive lineman Shelby Harris, pass rusher who had six sacks last year and was a prominent cornerstone of the team locker.


There is a question that remains unanswered the following: is Russell Wilson enough to take Denver to the Super Bowl?If you speak to Broncos supporters, they were obsessed with the notion that their team was a top passer just a few steps away from winning. They also noted that the team's Super Bowl odds at DraftKings Sportsbook changed with the trade. After Super Bowl 56. the Broncos were +800 to be victorious in Super Bowl 57. Following the trade, they're +200.


I'm not convinced. I'm not saying that there's anything wrong with it, Wilson certainly makes Denver better and could quickly propel them into the playoffs, but when it comes down to winning the championship it's much more difficult to predict. This means trading for the 33-year-old quarterback a more risky possibility than it initially appear, and in my eyes it appears that it's clear that the Broncos are further away from winning a championship than or the Buccaneers and Rams were before they made the "all-in" play.


3 reasons the Broncos can make the Super Bowl with Russell WilsonExtremely strong receiving corps in Cortland Sutton, Tim Patrick and Jerry JeudyTop 10 pass defense to limit opposing quarterbacksExcellent running game with Javonte Williams and Melvin Gordon (assuming he's re-signed)


The most important factors for Wilson is that he has one of the top sets of receivers in Madden NFL 23 that doesn't get enough attention. Sutton and Patrick are likely to develop into players with 1.000 yards or more and Jeudy will be given more opportunities too.


It's likely that Gordon will go because of cap reasons (which we'll touch on in the near future) However, Javonte Williams had an amazing debut season for the Broncos which saw him accumulate over 1.200 yards of all-purpose and seven touchdowns. It's an impressive group of position players with skill to allow Wilson to take over and get the most value from the players.


The new Madden NFL 23 is all about passing and stopping the passing. Denver has one of the best secondaries in the league, securing this side of the ball. This, along with Wilson provides the Broncos the chance buy mut coins madden 23 to truly create a buzz -- and, yes, it could make them a contender.